The first international film contest concerning the handicrafts

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Artigianato Film Festival, promoted by Associazione Artigiani di Brescia and aware of its strength in terms of concept and goals to achieve, it is the first international film contest concerning the handicrafts from past to present.

Everything stems from the wonderful setting that will host the Festival: the Castle of Padernello, in the province of Brescia. Padernello is a place that aims to become as an artisan village, full of handcraft workshops and of ancient crafts.

There only the crafts are ancient; everything else is innovative and it has an eye to the future, like Artigianato Film Festival itself, which combines tradition and new technologies, fostering the knowledge of artisan realities from all over the world through audio-visual tales.

The Festival aims to discover activities from handicrafts world and to link artisan life to the community it belongs to. It tries also to establish a social, cultural and historical enhancement, to portrait an ancient reality, which is at the same time well rooted into our present days.

Thanks to the international nature of the Festival, it’s possible to understand and to spread the figure of the artisan (it is not an univocal word and it has different meaning in different areas), keeping in mind all the different meanings that this term assume in our territory, but, above all, in the world.

Three major events will close this first edition of Artigff.

The first one is a press conference to be held in the main hall of Santa Giulia Fine Arts Academy on May 9th. On this occasion the initiative and the ten selected videos will be presented. It will also be a great opportunity to discuss the first results of the festival with journalists and students from the Academy.

The second event is a meeting organized by our artisans’ association to discuss the sector where Artigiff will be presented. This will also be a good opportunity to reflect on the concept of artisanal work today.

The third event, the award ceremony, will be held in the evening of September 27 at the Padernello Castle. On this occasion, the video that has won the first edition of Artigff will be presented to the public and its author will receive a prize. It is an opportunity that can’t be missed: an entire weekend dedicated to artisanal craft in the beautiful Padernello Castle.

Today it’s possible to relive the artisan reality and the mission of Artigianato Film Festival is to look at it through innovation.


Small rural village located in the lower Brescia, with a fifteenth-century manor that dominates the ditch austere, authentic casket of history, art and culture.

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