Últimos días


Title: Últimos días

Direction: Arturo Leòn Llerena

Production date: 2017

Running time: 14 min 47 sec

Country of production: Spain

Genre: Fiction



Ramòn is a veteran tailor that has been elaborating gentlemen’s clothing for decades, but in recent years his tailor shop has become anachronistic and his profits scarcer.


Arturo León Llerena (Lima,1980)

 is a peruvian screenwriter and director currently based in Madrid. He starts his studies in the University of Lima. He decides to deepen his audiovisual education and moves to Madrid where he studies a master in screenwriting at the Escuela TAI. At first he works like journalist and audiovisual producer, making indipendent videoclips and documentaries. Currently developes television and film projects for peruvian production companies.

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