Clay. A love story


Title: Clay. A love story

Direction: Anna Zagaglia

Production date: 2018

Running time: 10 min 00 sec

Country of production: USA

Genre: Documentary


John Cuomo is an italian-american living in New Jersey, where he produces mozzarella. When his wife dies in the late 90s, the man falls into a deep depression that seems to have no exit. Today John is 91 years old and a celebrated sculptor.


Anna Zagaglia (Firenze, 1989) graduates at Lettere e Filosofia in Rome. In 2014 she specializes in Script at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia where she realizes a few short films produced by Csc Production. Winner of the call Torno Subito 2016/2017, she attends the Six-Week Documentary Program of New York Film Accademy in NY . In that period she directs and writes the script for “Clay – a love story”. Documentary shortfilm that wins the first prize of MedFilm Festival in Roma in the section “Ho girato un mondo – I corti di TornoSubito”.


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